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IVF Spain Experts

Dr. Jon Aizpurua

Dr. Jon Aizpurua is the General Director of the IVF Spain Fertility Clinic. He studied medicine at the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg (Germany) and specialised in Gynaecology and Obstetrics at various clinics in Germany. Dr. Aizpurua led centres of excellence in Bilbao

and Alicante (Spain) before deciding in 2009 to establish IVF Spain.

Dr. Aizpurua believes that best results in fertility are achieved by combining science, advanced therapies, research, genetics, cutting-edge technology and patient-centred philosophy. He believes in tailored medicine and devotes time to his patients in order for them to fully understand the reproductive choices each person has.

Dr. Natalia Szlarb

Dr. Natalia Szlarb, is the medical director of IVF Spain. She specialised in gynaecology and obstetrics at various hospitals in Germany and became a pioneer in the field of assisted reproduction and preimplantational diagnosis.

Dr. Szlarb understands that each patient is unique and, therefore, devotes time to explaining and assessing the different options available in any given situation.

Dr. Oliver Pack

Dr. Oliver Pack travelled to Spain in 1994 to start his medical studies. In 1999 he obtained his title by the Universidad de Salamanca. Although part of his professional trajectory has elapsed in the emergency service of different hospitals and clinics, his interest on closeness to the patient and

personalised treatment motivated him to specialise in Reproductive Medicine.

Among his virtues he is distinguished for his exclusive attention and dedication to the patients, as well as his passion for helping families accomplish their dream of having a healthy baby.

Dr. Isabel Herrera

Dr. Isabel Herrera worked and took part in research studies in the field of assisted reproduction on an international level and gained medical experience in Germany. Not least, since she is married to a German, she herself lives the German culture and understands the values ​​and

importance of dealing professionally and sensitively with the issue of infertility and assisted reproduction.

Ellis Ofenhammer

Ellis Ofenhammer is head of the German patient care department at IVF Spain. She is half-German half-Dutch and expert in the field of ART. Ellis Ofenhammer speaks perfectly German, Spanish, English and Dutch.

Carola Jochim

Carola is German and is happy to consult you about the different treatment possibilities that you will find at IVF Spain. German is her mother tongue, but she is also fluent in English and Spanish.

Raquel Fahrer

Raquel, who was born in Switzerland, will help you to resolve all your doubts. She speaks German, English and Spanish.