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IVF Spain

IVF Spain is the exclusive Spanish partner clinic of Kinderwunsch Tage 2019.

Welcome to IVF Spain!

We are a fertility clinic located in Alicante (Spain) whose aim it is to help patients achieve their dream of conceiving a healthy child.

How do we achieve this?

Our philosophy focuses on providing a personalised treatment to the patient; we offer a complete service in their preferred language which promotes clear communication and understanding. With specialisations in IVF treatments and egg donation, our medical team is able to treat some of the most complex cases.

At IVF Spain we are committed to being at the forefront of assisted human reproduction research, constantly assessing and using innovation and technology to ensure our patients receive the best possible treatment. This commitment also allows us to specialise and achieve positive outcomes in often complex cases such as:

  • Patients with implantation failure

  • Immunology and genetic problems which affect conception

  • Repeated miscarriages

Our philosophy focuses on providing a personalized treatment and adapting the entire process to their mother tongue, with the purpose of our patients feeling understood and taken care of. Our German medical team, led by Dr. Jon Aizpurua, has broad professional experience and renowned prestige in the field of assisted reproduction.

IVF Spain has proven to have some of the highest success rates. Along with the latest technologies in fertility, we aim to deliver the best service and quality in patient care throughout the whole patient journey. We are continually revising our processes to continually improve the international patient experience. Also, with over 80% of our patients coming from the UK, Germany and The Netherlands, IVF Spain has developed a highly experienced international team.

Internal and external audits by international companies guarantee that the highest quality standards are upheld and our certified success rates are well above both the European and the Spanish standards.

If you would like to find out more about IVF Spain, you can visit our website www.ivf-spain.com or send an email to [email protected]. Our patient assistants will gladly answer any of your questions!