Denisa Priadková

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Sunday 18 February 2018                                                     14:00 – 14:30

Seminar room 2

“Fertility protection – why we do nothing about it and keep (wrongly) mixing fertility with infertility”

Denisa Priadková, in-fertility

We got used to hearing about oncology prevention, breasts self examination, smear tests, risk factors, lifestyle. The same with cardiology, doctors, who see what can be done through diet and movement, or smoking, obesity and alcohol on the other side, warn us about heart attack…

It is all we can do to protect our health.

Now with fertility it is different. The hashtag #fertilityprotection was used for the very first time by in-fertility network, the global association organising campaigns/projects focused on education, prevention and treatment of issues #inthefertility in January 2018. Unbelievable but true. All we hear about is treatment, IVF, assisted reproduction, in other words, what can be done in case you are infertile. But are you? How do you know?

The hashtag on infertility has been used over 520,000 times. How come not once did we try to campaign for its protection? During this presentation we are going to look at the reasons why and what can we – all of us – do about it. We will try to make the future parents understand the difference between fertility – important to each single person, the entire population and society – and infertility, a specific condition of the fraction of population. We will also shed some light on the fact why these too are so dangerously mixed and interchanged.

Last but not least, the lecture will provide you with a checklist of all important issues your own #fertilityprotection should begin with. And those you need to look at if you are trying to conceive and it is just not happening.