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Oregon Reproductive Medicine

Oregon Reproductive Medicine is the official USA destination sponsor of Kinderwunsch Tage 2018.

Oregon Reproductive Medicine (ORM) is a full-service fertility clinic based in Portland, Oregon in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. For over 25 years we have been helping intended parents who have come to us from 40 countries build their families. Founded with the goal of building the best fertility program possible, ORM is recognised globally for its consistently high live birth success rates, individualised care, and innovation leadership.

Our team of more than 115 people – including our doctors, embryologists, genetic counselors, psychologists, patient coordinators, donor coordinators, and financial counselors among others – cherish the work they do each day with our patients and are committed to helping each of them have the very best chance of success on the first attempt and a healthy baby.

ORM Donors

ORM Donors is our in-house egg donor program available exclusively to ORM patients who need the help of an egg donor to grow their family. Overseen by our physicians and clinical staff, our program is designed to provide ORM patients egg donors that are carefully selected for optimal fertility and the characteristics important to them. We believe that the high standards we maintain for approving a woman to be an egg donor and accepting her to be in our ORM Donors program is a key factor in our consistently high success rates for donor egg IVF cycles.

ORM Surrogacy

ORM Surrogacy is our program for intended parents working with a gestational surrogate. ORM is not a surrogacy agency, but we are expert in coordinating the IVF process when a gestational surrogacy will be carrying the pregnancy for the intended parents. These journeys sometimes also involve intended parents working with an egg donor, which they often select through our ORM Donors program. We have rigorous protocols for medically approving a gestation surrogate for treatment at ORM and we believe that this contributes to our high success rates and the best chance of a safe and healthy pregnancy for the gestational surrogate and intended parents.

ORM Genomics

ORM Genomics is our program for integrating the most advanced reproductive genomic care and screening into every IVF cycle. We have a 4-person full-time genetic counseling team and an in-house genetics laboratory equipped with the most advanced genetic sequencing technology. We provide family genetic history evaluation and genetic disorder carrier screening for all donors and patients; and we offer the latest form of Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS), which is Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS), and customized Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) both using advanced Next-generation Sequencing (NGS) technology.

Portland, Oregon

ORM is based in Portland, Oregon in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the USA.

For more information about ORM, please visit our website or find us on Facebook.