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Clinic EGV

Clinic EGV creates a new life!


  • The very first experts in Latvia to apply assisted reproductive technologies
  • First Sperm Bank in Latvia
  • The one and only Andrology Centre in Baltic Countries


Clinic EGV was founded in 1998. An outstanding team of experts works here. Anyone can find their own doctor in Clinic EGV - women, men, couples who want to have a child and who are expecting a child.


Our goal is to take care of reproductive health and to provide the opportunity to become parents for those who are facing infertility. We gave hope of childbirth in cases which were previously considered hopeless. Best experts, modern technology and calming attitude is what you need!


Clinic EGV is qualifying annually for the ISO 9001 quality certificate, which ensures a strict compliance with diagnostics and treatment standards. We are strictly observing all the confidentiality agreements - we value your trust!



Lacplesa street 38, 5th floor


Termin Anfrage

  • Why travel to Latvia for infertility treatment? Clinic EGV in Riga, explains why Latvia is becoming a popular destination for overseas couples experiencing fertility problems.
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