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veröffentlicht am 07. Oktober 2016

Gryshchenko Clinic-IVF (GC-IVF) is the first IVF clinic in Ukraine. Its story started in 1990 with a break-through when a pioneering IVF program was successfully completed in 1990. Four generations of fertility specialists have been working at GC-IVF to create happiness of parenthood.
11,000 babies have been born with the help of specialists of GC-IVF.
Today, GC-IVF is a specialized medical institution that provides a full range of services on effective diagnostics and treatment for all types of male and female infertility. Our specialists rely on evidence-based medicine and international treatment protocols; however, we treat everyone in a personalized way ensuring complete privacy. We offer:
- in-vitro fertilization (IVF);
- embryo and cell cryopreservation;
- pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT) with NGS;
- prenatal care;
- gynecological surgery;
- urology;
- andrology;
- laboratory diagnostics;
- cell donation and surrogacy.
Overseas patients enjoy treatment plans which permit fewer and shorter visits to Ukraine, free Skype consultations with fertility specialists and a personal manager in charge of communication and assistance.
We will fill your universe with your new baby’s smile!


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