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Whether you are single, struggling with infertility or medical issues, in a same-sex relationship, or have lifestyle complications that keep you from carrying a baby on your own, we understand how intended parents can quickly become overwhelmed by the complexities and confusion that comes with the California surrogacy process.

At Same Love Surrogacy, we know that choosing surrogacy to start, or grow, your family means first deciding who will nourish and protect your baby for the first 40 weeks when their health, safety and well-being are paramount to their successful delivery and future growth.

To ease the decision, we help each of our intended parents build a true California surrogacy relationship, so they are confident in the process and dedicated to preserving their shared connection from the introduction through the delivery.



At Same Love Surrogacy, we connect intended parents with an extensive network of surrogates, all of whom are rigorously pre-screened to ensure they meet our stringent list of prerequisites.

To preserve and protect the well-being of all parties, we begin the matching process by interviewing the intended parents to fully understand what surrogacy means to them.

Some things we consider during our California surrogacy consultations include:

  • What kind of relationship do you expect to have with your surrogate?
  • How does your personality match our available candidates?
  • What are your communication expectations, including preferences and frequency?
  • How involved do you plan to be in the pregnancy, medical procedures and doctor visits?
  • What are your relationship expectations with the surrogate after the birth?

Once we understand your relationship expectations, we’ll use the criteria that is important to you to match you with a surrogate who is dedicated to building a true connection.

At Same Love Surrogacy, we are more than a surrogacy agency. We are California surrogacy advocates who openly communicate with our intended parents, so no detail is left to chance when creating a true connection with their potential surrogate.

Our consultations and interview process allows our California surrogacy professionals to proceed with the important next steps, which include:

  • Creating a list of strong potential surrogate matches
  • Sharing detailed profiles of surrogate candidates for the intended parents to review
  • Presenting intended parent profiles to chosen surrogate matches to establish a connection
  • Facilitating introductions that foster genuine personal relationships between the intended parents and their surrogate
  • Guiding and supporting intended parents until they are confident in their final California surrogacy connection

At Same Love Surrogacy, we use our experience, resources, and supportive staff to bring people together for one common goal: Starting or growing their families.


We understand the decision to seek California surrogacy solutions requires passion, planning and — honestly — aspirations of perfection.

Since the woman you choose to be your surrogate will carry your child, she will also be the one who is most in tune with the baby’s in utero behaviors and needs.

True partnerships between our intended parents and their selected surrogates provide open lines of communication throughout the pregnancy, so everyone is on the same page regarding the important details of the surrogate and child’s growth.

That includes:

  • Establishing and reporting consistent updates on the baby’s growth, movements, and behaviors
  • Promoting an ongoing connection with the child and intended parents throughout the pregnancy
  • Notifying the proper parties if something seems amiss with the pregnancy, so she may seek proper medical attention right away
  • Sharing significant milestones in the pregnancy that promotes planning for the birth, discharge from the delivery facility and early days at home

Building a true California surrogacy connection begins with access to qualified, reliable surrogates whose needs and expectations are compatible with yours. That is why we are here.

We develop genuine surrogacy connections because this important family decision involves more than finding a person to carry your child. It requires a committed partnership that advances a sincere approach to supporting a life-changing process to deliver a healthy baby together.

Whether you are starting or growing your family, our California surrogacy connections are made with care, compassion and communication that allow you to be as involved in the process as you would like from the very beginning.

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