27 Feb 2019



#IVFWebinars │ #IVFPodcasts

EggDonationFriends.com is Europe’s leading online portal providing advice to patients seeking an IVF treatment with donor eggs in Europe and globally.

We aim to facilitate the patient journey by offering impartial advice from leading experts within the industry, as well as other patients who have undergone fertility treatment.

Our #IVFWebinars project is an interactive service where fertility professionals provide free and impartial advice to IVF patients. It is currently the only service of its kind globally. It gives the opportunity to get medical knowledge about an IVF treatment from trusted, reliable source and meet top IVF experts on-line “before you go”.

Responding to patient’s requests, we launched #IVFPodcasts project where we publish every week one question regarding IVF treatment, answered by three different IVF experts in short video podcasts. It gives a wide range of looks at the issue explained by 3 independent sources at one place.

We support patients 15 hours a day by experienced IVF consultants who are ready to discuss IVF abroad issues via live chat, phone, e-mail and skype.

Finally, we always support Fertility Organizations, Events and other IVF Activities globally as we strongly believe that “Sharing Is Caring”.

“IVF patients need the support, engagement and motivation and this is why we’re all here.”