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Northwest Surrogacy Center

Northwest Surrogacy Center, LLC (NWSC) was founded in 1994 by attorneys specializing in surrogacy and adoption. We are the leading and most successful surrogacy program on the West Coast and are currently helping families in 28 countries. NWSC’s flagship office is located in Portland, Oregon with additional offices located in San Francisco, California and Denver, Colorado. We work with caring, responsible surrogates and complete a thorough screening before presenting them to intended parents.

NWSC is a full-service agency and provides support to intended parents and surrogates from the application process through the pregnancy and birth. We have an experienced team of 32 members who assist and guide families and surrogates during the process. 185 babies were born through NWSC’s program in 2017.

NWSC is consistently ranked one of the best surrogacy agencies overall by the Men Having Babies survey, with lower than average costs and wait times, and higher than average success rates. Our program works closely with Oregon Reproductive Medicine (ORM), one of the most successful IVF clinics in the world.

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