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Sonntag, 18. Februar 2018                                                11:00 – 11:30 Uhr

Seminarraum 3

„Preimplantation genetic testing – where even a small detail matters.“

RNDr. Beata Kaľatová, Prague Fertility Centre

Welcome in Prague Fertility Centre
The Prague Fertility Centre is a private fertility clinic, which brings the most recent scientific findings into practice alongside the latest technology advances to deliver the best results for its patients.
Based in Prague, the centre has a unique approach that individually helps each couple and provides innovative, comprehensive, evidence-based fertility and gynaecology treatments through its team of top professionals.
The Prague Fertility Centre was one of the very first IVF Centres worldwide to introduce a time lapse monitoring system – PrimoVision – into its daily routine and recently pioneered the first automated system for using artificial intelligence to recognise and sort embryos according to selected morphokinetic criteria obtained from time-lapse systems, improving success rates.
Preimplantation genetic testing – where even a small detail matters.
At Prague Fertility Centre we are constantly researching new methods and modernizing our equipment to deliver the best treatment results. Therefore we have focused our research to improve PGD/PGS methods. This research resulted in the introduction of our time-lapse technology and CATI (Cognitive Automation of Time-lapse Images) – a unique software program developed by Prague Fertility Centre in cooperation with IBM. This software monitors embryos over time and evaluates them with the help of artificial intelligence. CATI predicts the chance of the successful development of an embryo and moreover – it detects mosaic embryos consisting of at least two distinct cell lines. The combination of CATI together with PGS provides the best chances for a viable pregnancy. It not only saves time and money, but most importantly, it raises the chances of your babies being healthy.