Advanced Assisted Reproductive Technologies.

05 Oct 2019

The presentation highlights specific advanced technologies in IVF, namely: effective and convenient ovarian stimulation, embryo vitrification, elecective single embryo transfer (e-SET), and pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT). All of these technologies are aimed at minimizing risks traditionally associated with assisted reproduction.

The first technology discussed is the depot form of administering medications. It decreases the number of obligatory injections and the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.
The second technology mentioned is embryo vitrification which has substatially increased embryo survival frequency rate in the last several years.

The presentation mentions serious complications associated with multiple pregnancies after IVF, such as pre-eclampsia, extreme immaturity of the fetus, using the capacity of newborn resuscitation units, perinatal mortality, etc. According to the statistics available, the e-SET technology is a powerful preventative metod which minimizes the risk the complications mentioned.
PGT making use of the Next Generation Sequencing method is another powerful tool of preventing severe complications of genetic origin.

The presentation contains relevant statistical data obtained by fertility specialists and embryologists within the last 6 years.


Olga Polotska - Gryshchenko Clinic IVF