„Punalpin® – how to improve sperm quality in healthy men“

/„Punalpin® – how to improve sperm quality in healthy men“

Many couples who struggle with infertility are not aware that sperm quality can actually be considerably improved within a few months. For healthy men, the number of ”swimming” spermatozoa can be significantly increased with the food supplement Punalpin®. Punalpin® has been tested in a double-blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study at a public Danish hospital and the results are convincing: after 3 months’ treatment with Punalpin® the total number of swimming (motile) spermatozoa increased with 62% on average. Punalpin® is based on high quality pomegranate extract and specially processed galangal roots. The product is patented by the Danish company Nerthus and has been marketed in Denmark since 2014 and in Germany since 2017. Punalpin® is a scientifically based alternative or supplement to conventional IVF treatment.