„Save of fertility and age“

/„Save of fertility and age“

Save of fertility and age“

Galina Strelko

IVMED Family


By the age of 37-38 years the fertility function in women dramatically decreases. Following the modern tempus of life women are more busier with early career rise; mostly the decision to have children reveals after to 37-38 years or later, however the natural mechanism of conceiving by this age, unfortunately, works in opposite direction. The quality of egg cells after 41-43 years old gets worse. During the presentation we will discuss the main factors which lead and accelerate the ovarian reserve lowering, including genetic factors which impact on in-vitro fertilization (IVF) result. MD Galina Strelko will give recommendations for healthy lifestyle and prolongation of fertility age. You will have an opportunity to ask questions about the opportunities of different IVF treatments.